You may not have heard of it before. Learn about a secret feature on the iPhone.

The “iPhone” device holds many secrets hidden among the settings on the Apple device that many may not know and have not heard of before!

Technology experts revealed the Back Tap feature of the device to perform a whole series of tasks that can be activated by pressing the home screen or the like.

Opening the camera, turning off the screen, mute, screen capture, Siri and volume controls are among the many functions that can be performed by tapping the back of the phone either two or three times, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Users can select two functions, one to be done with a double click, the other with a triple click. If you want to turn on the back click feature, follow these simple steps:

– Go to the home screen of the phone.

– Head to Settings.

– Click on Accessibility.

– Click touch.

– Scroll to Back Tap.

– Select Double Tap or Triple Tap functions
Options include:

Open an app.

– Lock the screen.

– screenshot.

– silent.

– Activate Siri.

– Adjust the volume.

– open the camera.

Turn on the flash.

– Adjust screen zoom.

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