CoinEx and in partnership with Simplex: 2.5% discount on service fees exclusively for all CoinEx users!

CoinEx has announced a special fee discount promotion in collaboration with fiat currency service provider Simplex.

The two-week campaign, which kicks off on February 22nd, shows CoinEx’s appreciation for the continued support and trust from its users.

During the promotion, all CoinEx users will get a 2.5% fee discount for buying USDT, USDC, BTC, and ETH through Simplex.

This will bring down the normal 3.5% rate to just 1%, allowing CoinEx users to make significant savings when buying cryptocurrencies via Simplex.

Additionally, unlike the previous CoinEx promotion, which was restricted to new users, the current campaign is open to all CoinEx users.

In addition, the 2.5% discount offered this time, is for all users, which is more generous than just the 1.5% discount for new users in the previous promotion.

This is the seventh time that CoinEx has partnered with a third-party cryptocurrency service provider to host joint promotions.

Over the past year, CoinEx has continued to expand channels for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, improving the fiat currency trading experience, and hosting various fiat trading promotions in conjunction with fiat currency service providers.

CoinEx has been providing users with more exclusive benefits such as discounts and helping them easily deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies in the trading platform with low costs.

Simplex is the first cash deposit/withdrawal service provider supported by CoinEx, and also happens to be the fiat service provider with the most collaboration with CoinEx.

Founded in 2014, Simplex is an EU-licensed FinTech company providing fraud-free secured payment processing solutions focused on providing payment solutions for purchasing cryptocurrencies using credit/debit cards.

On Simplex, users can now buy over 130 cryptocurrencies in over 115 fiat currencies.

In March 2020, CoinEx and Simplex reached a global strategic partnership, which marks a significant milestone for CoinEx’s crypto deposit/withdrawal services.

With Simplex, CoinEx users can buy cryptocurrency in nearly 100 fiat currencies using Apple Pay, PIX, Visa and Master Card (credit or debit).

CoinEx & Simplex offer details are as follows:
I. Duration:

8:00 February 22, 2023 – 8:00 March 8, 2023 (UTC)
secondly. Participation condition:

All CoinEx users
Third. How to participate:

Go to the CoinEx “Fiat” page:
(1) Web: Click [Fiat] on the CoinEx website navigation bar;
(2) App: Tap [Fiat] on the CoinEx app homepage;
Select the fiat and cryptocurrency you need.
Select Simplex as your preferred service provider.
Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Simplex to complete your purchase or sale.

So far, CoinEx has introduced several deposit and withdrawal promotions along with several monetary service providers, providing faster and cheaper deposit and withdrawal services.

For more information about coin trading promotions, please follow CoinEx announcements on the official website or social media platforms.

CoinEx continues to improve fiat trading services and provide a wide range of channels to buy/sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, helping users from all over the world to trade cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.

As it works with more monetary service providers, the platform will provide more benefits to CoinEx users through exclusive promotions.

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