Predictions that proved correct in the digital currency market during the month of March

Some cryptocurrency experts monitored accurate market forecasts during the month of March, and it seems that these expectations have proven correct regarding digital currency prices.

These predictions targeted the prices of BTC, Ether, and cryptocurrencies.

However, predicting prices is somewhat difficult due to price fluctuations and their association with the economy.

However, this did not stop experts from publishing accurate predictions about the mentioned cryptocurrencies on their personal Twitter pages.
BTC is leading the crypto market

Cryptocurrency experts predicted a surge in the price of BTC after it fell on March 10th to less than $20,000, making a profit of more than 30%.

Before the decline, one of the experts predicted the occurrence of price fluctuations, while not specifying the direction of the fluctuation.

From March 13th to 20th, the price of Bitcoin closed at its most bullish week in over three years.

Where the price of the currency rose by 27%, to confirm the breach and retest of the descending resistance line.

It also caused the weekly RSI to move above 50.

As a result, the cryptocurrency remains bullish, as it did not reach a weekly closing below 24,800.

Which in turn could lead to a sharp decline towards $20,000.

Therefore, the price expectations are for an increase towards the next resistance at $32,000.
The upward movement of XRP coin

A cryptocurrency expert used simple resistance lines in the price action and the RSI to predict the price breakout of XRP.

XRP price broke the long-term descending resistance line in the second week of March.

While the weekly RSI moved above 50 (green symbol).

All these signs indicate the upward trend of the digital currency.

During the past day, XRP price reached the $0.565 resistance area.

And if this price area is breached, the price may rise to $0.925.

However, with the loss of the rally in this area, the currency price may drop to the nearest support at $0.420.
Ether drops after a bearish divergence

An expert predicted the price action of ETH using bearish divergences to predict the cryptocurrency’s decline on March 8-10.

This decline was preceded by a one-month bearish divergence (green line) in the daily RSI.

Then, once the indicator broke above this (white) trend line, the crypto expert indicated that the coin made a new upward movement.

This led to a new yearly high at the $1859 price range.

In the current period, ETH price is trading above the $1,700 area, to be validated as support.

This indicates an ascending sign that corresponds to the breakout from the divergence trend line, so prices are expected to rise towards $2,000 if it does not close below this support.

And if it closes below the support area, the digital asset could drop to the $1,400 support.

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