Bitcoin is close to achieving the best quarterly performance since the beginning of 2021, here are the Bitcoin-BTC price predictions for the second quarter of this year

Bitcoin (BTC) – the first and largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization – is close to achieving its best quarterly performance in exactly two years, and if we assume that Friday’s trading session will close at or above the current price level – that is, near 28,200 $- Since the beginning of this year, the value of the leading digital currency has increased by a staggering 70%.

And if we review the price of Bitcoin during the first quarter of 2021, we will find that the price has doubled, rising from levels slightly higher than the current levels to approximately $59,000, and the end of the first quarter of 2021 witnessed Bitcoin achieving its best quarterly performance ever, and it is indicated that the recovery The sudden Bitcoin-BTC in 2023 comes amid favorable macroeconomic conditions, as the Federal Reserve has eased its strict monetary policy in recent weeks amid fears of a weak banking sector, which has caused an increase in demand for a safe haven represented in “hard currencies.” Such as precious metals and proven digital currencies like Bitcoin (which many people call “digital gold”).

It is possible that the rise in the value of Bitcoin during 2023 is due to the expectation of the return of the price of the leading currency to the average, as well as the improvements witnessed in the Bitcoin blockchain; Numerous technical and blockchain indicators over the past few months indicate that Bitcoin has been oversold in the past year, and that Bitcoin is likely at the bottom of the bear market.

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